PDFedit pdf manipulation library, gui, tools

Active developers

Michal Hocko, Jozef Mišutka, Martin Petříček
Note: see support page for contacting developers.

Original QT4 based gui developer

Eva Peskova

Past developers

Martin Beran, Miroslav Jahoda

Other contributors

Vicente Romero Calero Spanish translation
Andreas Mantke German translation
Alexandre Prokoudine Russian translation
Pavel Ondroušek RPM package
Varun Hiremath Debian package, available at http://packages.qa.debian.org/p/pdfedit.html
Pavel Sanda Gentoo ebuild, available at Sunrise Overlay repository
Lubomir Kundrak NetBSD package, available at http://pkgsrc.se/wip/pdfedit

Also thanks to Varun Hiremath, Martin Michlmayr and Gwurk for various small patches and many other people for their suggestions and bug reports.